Republishing Three Excellent Works on Science Education
Author:G&S Foundation Date:2015-11-18


In its earlier days in 2008, G&S, focusing on primary school science education, designed and carried out its Rural Science Teacher Training Project to explore a possible way to innovate science education. The teaching method of Investigation and colloquium of Brenda and the reform thoughts of Mogeng Liu, a Chinese educationalist, were integrated into the project. In 2015, G&S republished three excellent science books, namely Teaching Elementary Science Throught Investigation and Colloquium in China, A Probe into the Reform of Science Class in Primary School and No Regret under the help of Mr. Peisheng Liu, his wife Mrs. Rong Liu, His daughter Ms. BinBin Liu, editor Yunzhen Jiang and Chongwen Publishing House. These books were prepared for all the devotees of primary science education.