“It is better to give than to receive”
My experience in Qinghai still comes back to me often, and I have shared my story with many of my classmates and friends...


Charity Baby | Protect Rural Children’s Pursu...
Science paints a colorful world for the children in the mountains, allowing them to observe the world in a new perspecti...

2021 | 12-03

First-rate Rural Teachers
We often see or even witness touching stories about rural teachers.

2020 | 06-01

Spending Time with Books, Gaining a Genuine Ha...
Spending time with books is such a genuine happiness of life.

2020 | 04-23

Cisco Systems Employees’ G&S Public Charity T...
By doing so, live up to the encounter and look forward to the future!

2019 | 07-28

Vanke Workers Prepared Their Gifts for Childre...
Children’s Day! This is the time when kids receive their (promised) gift.

2019 | 06-01

Walk Out of the Mountains to See the World
Changes have happened right from here.

2017 | 07-25

My Best Summer
After I confirmed with the Green & Shine Foundation to participate in the G&S Reading Week Project in late June this yea...

2016 | 08-01

Breathtaking Change–Meeting with another Chin...
This is not only to demand from students but also for the teachers.

2013 | 10-29