Vanke Workers Prepared Their Gifts for Children’s Day with Heart and Love
Author:​Vanke Weekly Date:2019-06-01

Children’s Day! This is the time when kids receive their (promised) gift.

On the “World Book Day”, we decided to prepare a big gift for children on their holiday – using our expertise on architectural construction to design a “Happy Reading Space” for the younger generation. 

For this purpose, we contacted Beijing Green & Shine Foundation and hosted an event called “Happy Reading Space” to collect design proposals from our employees. We hope that this event will enrich the theme of the World Book Day, “Seeing Love from the Work of Building It” .

We started receiving design submissions from April 23 and completed the collection on May 26. 32 staffs from Vanke signed up for this event and we received 16 design proposals in total.


There is no material reward set up for this event and no compulsory work was assigned during the contest. Vanke employees sign up for this task purely out of their own will. They devoted their time into the designs besides their densely packed daily routines. 




▲design: Gallery of Knowledge



The final winner is “The Dreamlike Terrace Fields”

On May 31, the day before the Children’s Day, the judging panel reviewed 16 designs under careful considerations. 


▲Judges reviewing the proposals

Mr. Liang Yu, the Chairman of Vanke Group’s board of directors, serves as the chair of the judging panel. Mr. Dong Xie, Chairman of the group's board of supervisors and Council Member of Vanke Foundation, Mr. Changle Li, design chief at Vanke Headquarter, Mr. Yuan Qian, the director of Vanke Urban Research Institute, Ms. Lu Tang, General Manager of Shenzhen Meisha Education, Mr. Liang Wu, the head of Vanke company’s citizen office are the judges of this competition.

The judging panel adopted exceptionally high standards for this contest. The design has to follow the principle of “Safety, Environmental friendliness, Simplicity, Pragmaticism, Creative, Fun, and Module-Assembly”with thorough consideration to the cost, the structure of the product and safety issues.

In the end, a team of two volunteers, Mr. Shi Dong and Mr. Zhixiang Lu, from Vanke Nantong, with their work “The Dreamlike Terrace Fields” won the competition.


▲design: The Dreamlike Terrace Fields

A design work of bliss is our gift to the children from Zhenfeng County.

According to the arrangement for “Happy Reading Space” event, the design of “The Dreamlike Terrace Fields” will be applied to and realized in two primary schools located in Zhenfeng County, Guizhou Province. 

The initiative for “Happy Reading Space” is to build a warm, comfortable and fun reading space for rural primary schools in disadvantaged area.


▲judging panel with the award-winning design “The Dreamlike Terrace Fields”

Vanke has always been advocating the spirits of volunteering. In addition to the support we gave to the rural education as a company, we encourage that our employees should join in non-profit projects as individual volunteers and make contributions with their professional skills.

From the reconstruction work in 2008 to the “Happy Reading Space” project today, volunteers from Vanke have been spotted in numerous charitable occasions.

Today at Vanke, we host around 200 volunteering events annually.

On this year’s “World Book Day”, 1013 Vanke employees donated 7730 children’s books of fine quality for the upcoming “Happy Reading Space”.

Finally, on behalf of the committee, we want to express our big ‘thank you!’again to all of the loving and caring volunteers who have submitted their works.