Cisco Systems Employees’ G&S Public Charity Tour in Henan
Author:Nanjing Audit University Yan Yu Date:2019-07-28


On the morning of 13 July, 2019, Caidian Second Primary School in Ruyang country, Henan Province welcomed two special guests: Ms. Huang Xiaoqiong and Ms. Li Ye from Cisco Systems. As the donor of the Green & Shine Mini Library in the Caidian Second Primary School (the former Laozhuang Primary School), Cisco Systems has provided a lot of help and support for the development of the school over the past three years. And this time, Cisco Systems organized two employees to participate in the ongoing G&S Summer Camp of the school, which provided more spiritual consolation and care for the children.

When Ms. Huang Xiaoqiong and Ms. Li Ye arrived that morning, Caidian Second Primary School had not yet started classes. They began by communicating with the school principal and the volunteer team leader of the summer camp, to understand local conditions and information about this summer camp. They had a preliminary interpretation about the school, G&S Mini Library, and G&S Summer Camp through the communication. 

Afterwards, the two G&S friends (Ms. Huang Xiaoqiong and Ms. Li Ye) completed reading in the morning with the children in the junior camp and senior camp respectively. They served as teaching assistants to accompany children and participated in their whole day studies. They got closer to the children and had a more in-depth experience of this G&S Summer Camp. The theme of the course of the day prepared by volunteers was “Rabbit: The Guide of Life” from Alice’ s Adventures in Wonderland. The two G&S friends from Cisco Systems are also one of the guides of the children. Their arrival brought surprises to children, and opened the door to another world for them to discover that they never lack of care, in spite of living in the small town of Caidian. 


In the “Guides of Life” course of the junior camp, volunteers asked children to share the topic “Up to now, who is the most important person to you, and how does he affect you?” The two G&S friends joined the group to communicate with children. Talking about this topic, many children thought of their parents who had a long absence from home. A reticent girl could not help crying when she talked about her parents not being there for her growing up. One volunteer and Ms. Huang Xiaoqiong, who happened to be in the group, put their arms lightly around her and wiped her tears. They analyzed the reasons why her parents could not accompany her, and gave her the courage and strength to face life with a smile.

Differ from the junior camp, in the “Guides of Life” course of the senior camp,  Ms. Zhao, a volunteer of this G&S Summer Camp, taught children to dance “I am really good”. Not only the lively children, but also Ms. Huang Xiaoqiong and Ms. Li Ye, who served as teaching assistants, could not help dancing with the rhythm!

Time flies. At the end of the day’s activities, the two G&S friends gave children the stationery they had brought as a gift. Everyone’s face was filled with a happy smile! They also helped children with hair themselves, said best wishes and opened their minds to each child tenderly. 

The next day, the two G&S friends took part in Fun Games of this G&S Summer Camp with children, and then they were reluctant to part to leave.

It only took two days to make a big impression on everyone. The participation of the two G&S friends not only made children feel the external attention and care, but also let the volunteers know that there are so many supporters in action like the two G&S friends, who pay attention to rural teachers and students and rural educations.


Ms. Huang Xiaoqiong shared in her Moments after finished this activity, “ ‘The Bridge to Possible.’ A myriad of thoughts crowd into my mind. Imparting knowledge and educating student scientifically will achieve infinite possibilities.”

Ms. Li Ye also shared, “Looking back at the children in Caidian Village, Ruyang County, Henan province, although the two days seem like an ordinary weekend, you have planted seeds in my heart. You shared your dreams, your likes and dislikes. You  showed your confidence and curiosity. You aroused my tenderness. Thank you for giving me so much. Such a weekend had nothing to do with the so-called ‘aid-education’ and ‘poverty alleviation’, but it was a two-way communication between you and me, a precious encounter and a stroke of luck that I took more than I gave......My dears, in this world, it is a coincidence that we meet, but a destiny that we know each other. Miss you and take care.”

By doing so, live up to the encounter and look forward to the future!